ICA Workshop – report


The joint ICA pre-conf workshop held by the Neocartography and Map Design Commissions was a great success, being attended by 30 delegates (even though it was 2 days before the main conference started). The President of the Conference Organising Committee (Manfred Buchroithner) welcomed us, and we were pleased to have ICA President Georg Gartner give the opening talk, a thought provoking start to proceedings. We are currently gathering together the presentations which will be linked from here shortly. Co-vice-Chair Andrew Turner has blogged his conference experience here, and for now will just quote his thoughts on the workshop itself:

“The week kicked off with a joint workshop of the Commissions on Map Design and Neocartography hosted by the illustrious Steve Chilton and Ken Field. Throughout the day many of us shared our thoughts and suggestions for the concepts digital, personal, interactive realtime cartography. I will write up my talk separately, but the many other attendees covered insightful areas of work and ideas. Julia Mia Stirnemann, a designer by background, showed the importance of projection in storytelling and perspective demonstrating her WorldMapBuilder. Beate Weninger demonstrated the clear case and design work for better colors in digital cartography – particularly gradient color ramps that affect color vision deficiencies and even situational color blindness caused by ambient environment, lighting, screen displays, and other non-controllable interferences with your maps.”

From left: Georg Gartner introduces the workshop; Beate Weninger’s noise mapping; Steve Chilton’s lightning talk