Neocartography on BBC 5 Live


Whilst I was on a long weekend break in Cornwall I got an email from the producer of the Outriders radio show for BBC Radio 5 Live, saying “We cover hacking and making, digital culture and people who do intriguing things with technology. Basically more of a culture show rather than a gadget show ….. For the next program I am exploring maps and cartography. While reading up on this I came across the term neocartography and of course the [ICA] Commission and you.”

Whilst it was not that convenient I replied to say I would do it (it HAD to be recorded over the weekend). It was to be done by phone or Skype. Although in a remote village in SW England with no mobile phone reception, the wifi was good, so I set time aside for a Skype call, which they recorded for later editing.

I rambled on about neocartography, OSM Haiti, the OS, my work, map design, and more. Unfortunately it had to be cut to fit, so detailed comments around OpenStreetMap and the interesting Haiti earthquake work hit the virtual cutting room floor.

It was broadcast quite late last night, but is available as a podcast (and best played directly from the BBC website rather than downloading). The other contributors were Graham Duncan from Ordnance Survey (on their Minecraft work, following some OS internships), and Saman Bemel Benrud from Mapbox (on creative digital maps).