Research groups or individuals in sympathy with the commission aims are listed here. See below for submission info.

Institute of Geoinformation and Cartography  at Vienna University of Technology
Main research activities and questions are on fundamental and methodological issues of cartographic communication processes, such as syntactical, semantic and pragmatic dimensions of cartographic presentation forms. The technological focus is on multimedia cartography, and especially web mapping, mobile internet and location-based services (LBS). Applied research is done on interactivity with maps, 3D presentation forms, deriving appropriate navigation support with means of maps and concepting online atlases.

Hydraulic Information Center at Flanders’ Hydraulic Research, Belgium. The Research institute of the Flemish government is responsible for supporting policy development in hydrologic and nautical sciences in order to ensure safety against floods, navigability and conserve natural value. Open Source GIS has been developed in the R statistical computing language and used for the 2D and 3D cartographic reporting of drifters’ current measurements and ADCP geomorphologic monitoring of the Scheldt.

Aurélien Laffray is conducting research related to Neocartography. Working on a dissertation about an application which could help the OSM community. This project is composed of two parts:
The first part is composed of a web application which allow user to add Point of Interest on the map (like Restaurant) and which will be synchronise to OSM.  The second part is an android application which will be designed for novice or expert on multi touch technologies (Different HCI approach will be used for the design) which detect the localisation of the user on the map and where the users will be able to find POI (which are in the OSM database) around 5KM, for example if the user want to find a French restaurant nearby, the application will display him the nearest one. The goal of this project is to propose a simple alternative of Google Map using OSM and as well give the opportunity to the users to contribute and use OSM.

United Kingdom
Londonmapper: a social atlas of London. The project aims to present a vast quantity of information on inequality and poverty and social trends across London in a new way which will help fire up and sustain debate on these issues in the capital for many years to come. We do not aim to collect new data, but to show existing data in a very new light. We aim to produce new scientific cartographic images of life in London today, how London is changing, and how it might change in the future if trends continue.
The project is realised by the Social and Spatial Inequalities Research Group at the University of Sheffield.

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