Future of Digital Mapping

Neocartography Commission vice-chair Andrew Turner interviewed on a podcast for CBC. In it Nora Young and Andrew Turner discuss the future of digital mapmaking. Andrew is CTO of the Esri Research and Development Center in Washington, D.C. where he’s involved with open tools for mapmaking. It is a good conversation covering a lot of ground – open data, how the big players are changing, and how social aspects have changed.

Mapmaking is in the news again, particularly with developments like the report on the BBC website today – ‘Nokia Maps digitises streets to battle Google’s threat‘. Andrew finishes the interview with positive thoughts on the future (and I have paraphrased/edited here): “We will all be guiding it. We have a much bigger voice now. Whether commenting or choosing to use particular maps or not. We have the tools to build maps. I am going to make my own. The maps we have will become much more visceral and portray what we would like to see“.

Podcast: http://www.cbc.ca/spark/full-interviews/2012/12/04/future-of-digital-mapmaking/