Commission workshop at UCL: slide decks, reports, videos

The first ICA Neocartography Commission workshop, held at UCL on 5 Sept, was a very successful event – being attended by 36 delegates, 16 of whom had attended the Society of Cartographers Conference earlier in the day. This post has some slides and videos from the workshop. The twitter backchannel is available at: #soc2012

Ben Hennig (U of Sheffield) “From geovisualisation to neocartography: Maps in a digital world” – Ben’s blog post with embedded Slideshare of presentation — Direct link to slides

Richard Fairhurst (OSM Foundation) “The unstoppable advance of OpenStreetMap”

Chris Watson “Hyperreal Augmented Narratives”

Graham Hooper “Drawing on Psychogeography – GPS, photography and the new-map”

Ifan Shepherd (Middlesex University): “Maps – GIS – Experiental Engagement: a possible roadmap for Neocartography”

Gary Gale (Nokia) “History Repeats Itself And So Does The Map“ – Gary’s blog post with embedded Slideshare of presentation