Programme details: ICA Commission on Neocartography, 5th Sept

The first formal Neocartography Commission session is set to start directly after the Society of Cartographers conference, and will be held from 3-45pm to 7-15pm at UCL (in London) on Wednesday 5th September.  The themes have been chosen to meet the commission’s aims – with speakers asked to think broadly, and be interesting. to book a place (Free)

4.00 Welcome – Steve Chilton (ICA Commission Chair)
4.10 Ben Hennig (U of Sheffield) “From geovisualisation to neocartography: Maps in a digital world”
4.40 Richard Fairhurst (OSM Foundation) “The unstoppable advance of OpenStreetMap”
5.10 Lightning talk: Chris Watson “Hyperreal Augmented Narratives”
5.20 Coffee
5.40 Lightning talk: Graham Hooper “Drawing on Pyschogeography – GPS, photography and the new-map”.
5.50 Prof Ifan Shepherd (Middlesex University) “Maps – GPS – Experiential Engagement: a possible roadmap for Neocartography?”
6.20 Gary Gale (Nokia) “History Repeats Itself And So Does The Map“
6.50 Close – Steve Chilton

For info on getting there, see:
Abstracts are available in the previous post.

6 thoughts on “Programme details: ICA Commission on Neocartography, 5th Sept

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  2. Very good development indeed. I recently read a comparison (published by a sat-nav vendor) between OSM type user-generated maps with ones that come embedded in a reputable sat-nav device. As one would expect, sat-nav maps were superior. I have lost count of the number of times incorrect maps in sat-nav have given me the scare in the middle of a busy traffic. I do regularly update my sat-nav maps. So, I wonder if the commission could organise a testbed for sat-nav vendors, which could be used to regularly test the reliability of the sat-nav maps. Perhaps, OS etc type organisations can provide comparison datasets. This would feed in with recent govt interest in sat-nav maps.